About Millennium Cleaners in Macomb, Michigan

Dry Cleaning Your Clothes, NOT Your Wallet!

Millennium Cleaners is a family owned, full service, dry cleaner located at the corner of 23 Mile Road and Hayes in Macomb Township in Macomb County, Michigan.

Tom Taseski has been running Millennium Cleaners for 10 years and offers dry cleaning, wet cleaning, pressing and preservation services. This includes wedding dress cleaning and wedding dress preservation services along with dental smock cleaning. The Taseski family is dedicated to their business and to making your trip to the cleaners as enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible. That is why they offer
Free Pick-up and Delivery Dry Cleaning services on Mondays and Thursday.

Life is busy and sometimes taking your clothes to the cleaners can seem like an impossibility. All you have to do for the Free Pick Up and Delivery Service is call and sign up. We pick up and deliver orders on Mondays and Thursdays.  There is no extra cost for this service, hence the name. We can pick up and drop off your laundry at your home or place of business. We can pick up multiple orders at a time, so your coworkers can bring in their cleaning needs as well.

Save yourself the extra trip to and from the cleaners with our Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service. Find out why Millennium Cleaners is the best dry cleaning, wet cleaning, pressing, and clothing preservation shop in Macomb!

Millennium Cleaners separates itself from other dry cleaners in Macomb County by providing excellent customer care, providing the same level or dedication and care to each item we clean, and by offering reasonable prices for the quality services we provide.